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Where Can I Buy Exterior Doors in Burlington?

Whether it’s an entryway or a back door, the exterior doors you choose for your home should suit your lifestyle and your home’s aesthetics. With such a large role to fulfill, it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable exterior door provider. At Doorway Inc., we make it easy to choose quality doors for your home in Burlington and the surrounding area. Here’s why!

Various Types of Doors

We understand that each exterior door in your home serves a specific purpose for you and your family. Depending on its intended use, some doors need to be custom fit to an area, slide versus hinge and have a specific look in mind. That’s why we offer a wide product line of quality exterior doors including:

Arched Front Doors: Available in wood and fiberglass materials, adding a grand statement to an entryway can be easily achieved.

Custom Wood Door Systems: A timeless choice, our solid wood doors are made from mahogany and cedar and are custom designed to fit your opening perfectly.

Front Doors with Transoms: Add light and beauty to your front entrance when you combine transom windows with an elegant door.  Not sure what a Transom Window is?  Learn more about the purpose of a Transom window in our latest blog.

Painted/Stained Fiberglass Entry Doors: Offering high durability and minimal maintenance doors. Fiberglass doors are available in a smooth or woodgrain texture, in a variety of different styles to suit your home best.

Patio Sliders: Using a slide instead of a hinge, patio sliders fit tight spaces and are available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Glass Inserts: Update your home’s aesthetics and increase its energy efficiency with our thermo (double or triple-paned) and tempered glass options.

Whatever you have in mind, know that we can confidently create a door for you that you will love coming home to.

Visit our Door Showroom

You’re not ordering off of a website or from a catalogue with us! Our fully stocked showroom has a variety of door systems available for your perusal. Experience the feel of our doors yourself and explore the many glass designs, hardware, paint and stain colours available.

To help make your decision easier, bring pictures of your home’s current exterior doors with you so that our expert team can help you choose the perfect door(s). Being a family-run business for almost thirty years, we know exactly what it takes to customize the perfect door for your Burlington area property.

Quality Exterior Doors in Burlington

Many other door suppliers in the area carry pre-assembled, pre-hung doors. Although this may work for certain situations, the process we use at Doorway Inc. ensures everything we make always matches your exact specifications.

By painting, staining and assembling each door system ourselves in-shop, the options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect exterior door for you. We can provide you with more custom options at a more affordable cost than many of the local big-box stores. And since we complete our own installations, we can confidently stand behind our product.

Interested in hearing more about why we should be considered when purchasing quality exterior doors in Burlington? Contact our showroom today!

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Brick to brick width measurements
Brick to brick height measurements

For a more accurate quote, measure the brick-to-brick width and height from the exterior side of the door system. Please also attach interior and exterior photos of your current door system.