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Patio Sliders are a popular choice for rear entries that lead out onto a deck or back patio.

Since they slide rather than open out on a hinge, they can fit into tight spaces and won’t interfere with furniture. Furthermore, patio doors are a good source of natural sunlight into any room.

Patio sliders are a great addition to any home, because they are available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Patio door

Patio doors are a great source of natural sunlight into any room.

Sliding Patio door
Considerations when purchasing patio sliders:

Appearance is the first thing that many homeowners think about when choosing a door. Homeowners can choose from a variety of colours, grids, or internal miniblinds to match or complement the rest of their home.

Choose a patio slider that glides effortlessly so that moving between your outdoor and indoor space is effortless. There are a few different grades of patio sliders, ranging from a standard patio slider to an upgraded lift and slide patio door known as the ‘Loft’ by Novatech.

Of course, privacy is another consideration as well. If your patio door backs onto a wooded lot, you might not mind having a large glass panel door to enjoy the scenery. However, if privacy is required, then you might be interested in glass with internal mini blinds. There are also options for glass with internal grids.

Energy efficiency should be taken into consideration as well. We have several different series of patio sliders that have varying features.

  • The #550 is a standard model. It has PVC panels on both the interior and exterior side and a solid wood buck for a strong structure.
  • The Element is a step up from the #550. It has aluminum panels on the exterior, the wood buck as its frame, and PVC panels on the interior side.
  • The Urbania is fully constructed with an aluminum frame and panels.
  • The Loft door is the highest class of patio sliders. It not only is completely aluminum, but it also is a lift and slide door which makes for a quality functioning patio slider.

PVC and aluminum patio doors offer a high level of energy efficiency and security and are known for their easy maintenance. Visit our Burlington showroom to further discuss the various patio sliders we have available.  Our door installation professionals serve the Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, and the surrounding areas.

Sliding Patio door
Why choose Doorway Inc. when purchasing and installing your sliding Patio Doors?

At Doorway Inc., we work with top quality manufacturers like Novatech. Novatech is a Canadian manufacturer who offers custom patio slider options. As expert installers, we also guarantee our workmanship. We are not satisfied until you are.

Call us today and stop by our door showroom on Harvester Road in Burlington to view what we have to offer.

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