Custom Wood Door Systems

For the discerning homeowner who loves to make a great first impression, nothing quite compares to the class and beauty of solid custom wood door systems.

Not only do wood doors provide you with an elegant and classic look, but they also have several advantages over some of their counterparts.

mahogany arched door

Nothing quite compares to the class and beauty of solid custom wood door systems.

Custom wooden front door

Some of the major advantages of custom wood door systems:

  • Style – Wood doors can make any home feel more grand, warm, and cozy. We work with cedar and most commonly with mahogany, due to the beauty and durability of the wood. There are virtually limitless door styles to choose from, and whether your home is very traditional or very contemporary, there is a custom wood door system to suit it.
  • Custom – Wood doors are completely custom. There are minimal restrictions when you are choosing a wood door, because it will be custom made to fit your style, requirements, and opening.
  • Maintenance – Wood doors need protection. If the door is under a covered porch with little to no sun exposure, there will be little to no maintenance. Be sure to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members for the best maintenance schedule for your particular wood door.
  • Long-lasting – With a proper maintenance schedule, wood doors last much longer than most people think. A well-cared for wood door can easily last for several generations.
  • Natural – Many homeowners love the fact that wood is a natural and renewable resource.
Trust Doorway Inc. for your custom wood door system:

For a wood door system that is truly custom, you can rely on Doorway Inc.’s expertise. We will install the door system ourselves and we guarantee our work. If you are considering a custom wood door system for your home, trust the experts at Doorway Inc. Call us today or stop by our Doors Showroom in Burlington, Ontario for some inspiration.

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