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36″ 2 Panel Mahogany – Black


Original price was: $5,088.00.Current price is: $3,307.00.

All our door systems are proudly crafted at our Burlington shop and showroom. Our high quality composite door jambs do not rot, crack or warp, and add stability and durability to your door system, giving your entryway a clean, sharp look.


  • 65 ⅝ x 99 Brick to Brick to Measurements
  • 66 ⅛” x 97 13/16” Overall Measurements
  • Wood grain composite jambs with black sill
  • 2 Panel mahogany grain 36” (width)
  • 2 Full sidelites (hammered) with colonial wood grain SDLs (2 x 6) 
  • Multipoint Mechanism, Right Hand
  • Painted Black Evotech interior and exterior
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Product Details

Additional information

Dimensions 166.69 × 251.46 cm
Door Width


Total Width


Total Height



Wood Grain Composite


Mahogany Grain




Right Hand






Painted Black

Sill Colour


Frequently Asked Questions

All doors orders are local pick up only at our showroom in Burlington, Ontario. Orders must be paid in full at the time of pick up.

Orders placed online are invoiced and paid for at the time of pick up at our showroom in Burlington, Ontario. For ordering questions, please contact us.

  • We have a 2 year workmanship warranty – if you have problems with the door system within 2 years after the install date we will go out to service at no change. After 2 years there will be a small service fee. 

  • We have a 15 year warranty on the door slab on warping and delaminating 

  • We have a 10 year warranty on glass for seal failure. 

  • We have a 5 year warranty on door hardware finish and a 10 year warranty on the door hardware mechanism. 

The first step is to visit our showroom with your brick to brick measurements and photos of your current door system. Here, one of our friendly sales representatives will guide you through your different options. You will receive a quote over the counter. Then we will set up a measure appointment to take exact measurements and confirm all final details.

a. Paint/Stain finish:

  • Paint – there is no maintenance on a painted fiberglass/steel door system. Just wash the door down with soap and water as needed.
  • Stain – every 4-6 years (depending on how much sun exposure your door has), you will need to reapply a clear coat of spar urethane. Reapplying this coat whenever the door is looking dull will bring back its beautiful lustre and ensure the stained finish is protected underneath.

b. Hardware:

Multipoint: Apply lubrication to your multipoint lock twice a year; spray silicone spray or 3 in 1 oil into each latch and deadbolt area (by the oil can symbol). Move the latches in and out a few times to lubricate the interior mechanisms.

c. Hinges:

Pop the pins out and lubricate with grease if your hinges are squeaky.

d. Air by sill:

Loosen the screws on the sill to bring the sill up in height. Tighten screws to lower the sill. Putting a piece of paper between the sweep and the sill will let you know you’ve adjusted it to the right height- if the paper is tight to pull out, the sill is too high; if you can remove the paper with no resistance, the sill is too low.

There are 4 main door materials available. Steel is an option for a smooth, clean look. Smoothskin fiberglass is another, more durable, dent-resistant option for the same clean look. Woodgrain fiberglass is a textured fiberglass skin manufactured to look like a wood door. Lastly, we offer wood doors, normally made from mahogany or cedar.

We service Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Waterdown, Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby and surrounding areas.

Doorway Inc. is a family-run door business with over 30 years of experience. We have our own door pre-hanging shop and paint booth, which allows us to customize your door system according to your existing framework and personal style. We focus on quality products and quality workmanship. Your door is our extended showroom.

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Brick to brick width measurements
Brick to brick height measurements

For a more accurate quote, measure the brick-to-brick width and height from the exterior side of the door system. Please also attach interior and exterior photos of your current door system.