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Common Trends for Front Doors

One of the best ways to update your Burlington home’s exterior and curb appeal is to update your front door. It can dramatically enhance the appearance of your home.

The following are a few popular trends for front doors that can help you update your home.

  1. Changing the setup of your door system

A popular and safer way to update your front entry look that we highly recommend is to change the setup of your door system. Many Burlington homes have double door systems – we recommend updating the look by replacing the double doors with a single door with one or two sidelites. This look not only updates your home but also allows for a safe and secure door system.

  1. Fiberglass Doors

Solid wood doors will always be traditional and classic, but more homeowners in Burlington are opting for front doors made from low maintenance, such as fiberglass doors. These options are less expensive than wood, and they are durable. For those who still prefer the appearance of wood, fiberglass can be stained over to appear like a wood door.

  1. Glass Doors

Choosing the correct glass for your new door system not only changes the exterior appearance of your home, but it brightens up the interior of your home as well. A trend we are seeing is a simpler look with glass. Most often, customers are choosing plain privacy glass to achieve a cleaner, updated look. If they are going for more decorative styled glass, we see simpler and cleaner lines.

  1. Colour

Although natural wood doors are still trendy, we see more grey shades, particularly with black or blue hues. These grey tones provide your home with a contemporary appearance and complement other similar features of your home.

  1. Extra-wide front doors

Although it may seem extravagant, some designers today are opting for extra wide front doors. These elegant doors create a huge statement on your home, not to mention the convenience of being able to easily enter the house with larger items like bicycles and baby strollers.

  1. Hardware

While you replace your front door, choose an updated high-quality handle. Some customers want their handle to be a statement, so choosing Satin Brass or Satin Nickel is quite popular. If you would rather your handle blends in, you can choose Flat Black, or an Oil Rubbed Bronze colour.

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