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When is it time to replace your front door?

If you are like most Burlington homeowners, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to your front door. Sure, you may give it a good wash in the spring and perhaps even a fresh coat of paint every few years, but other than that, it may be something you take for granted. Sometimes, however, the usual upkeep is no longer enough, and it makes more sense to replace a front door than to try and give it yet another facelift.

Here are 3 reasons in which you should consider replacing your front door:

  1. Front doors improve your home’s curb appeal.

There are many ways that you can improve the curb appeal of your home, and replacing your front door is one way that shouldn’t be overlooked. Refreshing the look of your entrance can make your home look more impressive and more inviting.

  1. New Front Door to Improve Your Security.

Did you know that burglars in Burlington are more likely to target homes with double doors? That’s because they are easier to break down. When we replace your door, we replace your entire door system with a new and improved frame. Most of the time, our customers want to put a multipoint locking system on their new door system so that they have the safest locking product – a multipoint lock in 3 places ensuring a safer and tighter seal.

  1. Modern Doors Improve Your Energy Efficiency.

Over time, as door frames age and weatherstrip and sweeps begin to deteriorate and let air in. If you feel a draft around your front door, this is probably what is happening. This is more than a minor inconvenience, as it can really affect your heating and air conditioning bills. So, if you are looking to make your home more environmentally friendly AND save money on your utility bills, replacing your front door is often one way to do that.

If you wish to replace the front door on your Burlington home for any of these – or any other – reasons, we would be happy to help. Contact Doorway Inc. today to learn about your options.  While our door showroom is located in Burlington, we also serve the Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton regions.

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