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What is an Energy-Efficient Door?

Homes can lose 10 – 20 percent of their energy or heat through external doors and windows, especially when they’re old, uninsulated, or not installed or sealed correctly. Energy-efficient doors help combat this problem by increasing the thermal performance of a home. By reducing loss of heat, homes stay warmer – and homeowners enjoy substantial energy savings. Here’s what you should know if you’re considering installing energy-efficient doors in your home.


ENERGY STAR is an internationally recognized, voluntary Canadian energy efficiency framework of energy standards. The program ensures energy performances are tested in a lab that the Standards Council of Canada accredits. Nowadays, more Canadians recognize the importance of energy efficiency and want their appliances, doors, and windows to meet ENERGY STAR standards.

ENERGY STAR doors reduce energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Better energy efficiency means fewer greenhouse gases from power plants and homes.

With benefits including a warmer home and cost savings, energy-efficient doors are great for the environment and a homeowner’s budget.


Weatherstrip: Once the door is closed, the weatherstrip compresses, sealing the door tightly to prevent air loss from your home.

Multi-point locking system: This triple locking system will help pull the door closer into the jamb as well as giving extra security to your home. By doing this, the door will have a better seal, avoiding any air loss.

Door Sweep: A door sweep consists of various rubber fins at the bottom edge of your door. It prevents cold air from entering while keeping warm air inside.

Our Fiberglass Doors

Fibreglass doors make the best energy-efficient doors. Burlington and area homeowners typically favour fibreglass doors because they are affordable and durable. These doors are also some of the strongest exterior doors available on the market. They are great for their long-lasting effect, and their strength offers excellent security. Even during the coldest of our Canadian winters, fiberglass doors keep your home warm and require little maintenance.

At Doorway Inc., we have a wide selection of energy-efficient doors that meet the highest of standards. Choose from durable painted or stained fibreglass doors that have an appearance that looks like wood.

Picking the right door is just a step away! To learn more about our door selection, check out our website or email us for more information.  Located in Burlington, Doorway Inc serves Burlington and the surrounding Mississauga, Oakville and Hamilton regions for all your exterior door needs.

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