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How to Secure Patio Sliding Glass Doors

Patio sliders are becoming a more popular option for rear doors. Often patio sliders are more secure than a double door system due to the variety of upgraded locking systems available for glass patio sliders. Continue to read the different benefits of patio sliders and the security options available!

The Benefits of Patio Sliding Glass Doors

Many homeowners choose patio sliding glass doors due to their aesthetic appeal. Natural sunlight is encouraged to brighten up a home’s interior and can make a space feel more welcoming and inviting. Being made of glass, homeowners can enjoy great views of their exterior property.

In tight spaces that cannot accommodate a hinging door, sliding glass doors are the perfect solution. They take up minimal space, don’t interfere with furniture, and come in a variety of different options.

With many patio sliders available in double pane glass, indoor air is better retained, creating energy efficiency. They also provide easier traffic flow within your home. Available in sizes larger than regular entry doors, large objects can be transported into and out of your home.

Keeping Your Patio Door Secured

The patio sliders that we provide come with many different security upgrade options.


Each patio slider has an option to include a footlock. A footlock is a lock at the bottom of your patio slider that is able to lock at 3 different positions so that the door can be either open slightly or completely closed while remaining secure. This small footlock allows for an additional locking mechanism to ensure a more secure door.

Double point locking system

Each patio slider has an option to include a double point locking system. This double locking system is a mortise lock that has two prongs. When locked one prong goes up and one prong goes down to clamp the door lock securely.

Security Bars for Patio Doors

Although less secure than a security lock, a security bar is another option to keep your home, its contents, and inhabitants safe. Security bars are usually placed in the track of the sliding glass door and can feature padded ends so that damage does not occur to your doors.

To learn more about installing a patio slider safely in your Burlington home, contact us today.

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