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How to Care for Your New Doors After They Have Been Installed

Your home’s external doors – especially the front door – are often a key focal point to guests and passersby. To keep them looking and performing their best, you need to maintain them properly. Here’s how to care for your new doors after they’ve been installed in your home.

Complete a Maintenance Check

Like most other features around your home, your new doors require regular upkeep. At least once per year, check your doors to see if they need any repair or maintenance. Check for the following during your inspection:

Weather Tightness of Doors

Doors should always be weather-tight. If there are any gaps around the door, the weatherstrip or sweep could be wearing down, leading to moisture entering your home. If the weatherstrip or sweep need replacing, do so as quickly as possible to prevent energy leaks or a more costly repair or replacement in the future.

Stable, Properly Working Hinges

Next, check that the hinges are still stable and working correctly. When screws have worked themselves loose in the hinges, the door may drop and sit improperly within its frame. This can lead to the door dragging slightly when opening or closing. To fix this issue, tighten the hinge screws by hand with a screwdriver and avoid overtightening them.

Exterior Door Alignment Problems

If you notice that the door lock is difficult to use during your maintenance check and your key is sticking in the door, there could be an alignment problem. If it’s simply a problem with the lock, a little bit of lubricant can fix the problem while also protecting against corrosion.

Parting Words

When used daily and constantly exposed to the weather elements, even correctly installed doors are prone to wear and tear. As you complete your exterior home maintenance, you should spend time addressing the state of your doors, too.

Besides adding aesthetic appeal to your home, your exterior doors need to protect your home from the weather. Keeping them in tip-top shape by caring for them properly helps maintain them for years to come.

If it’s time to replace your home’s exterior doors, we can help. Contact us Doorway Inc to learn more about our wide selection of painted, stained, and custom doors in Burlington.

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