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Front Door Trends for 2023

The front door of your home provides a range of critical functions, including keeping the elements outside, a temperature-controlled environment inside, and providing security.

But just because you need your front door to be functional, there’s nothing wrong with having a front door that looks great and makes a statement.

If you’re in the market for a new front door for your home, here are the trends for this year!

More Glass

Having glass in any door allows for more light to come into the home, which creates a welcoming feel to your home. This year you can expect to see more doors with large glass panels or glass sidelites on either side of the door itself.

Wider Doors

In older homes, you may notice that the hallways and doorways are smaller, making the space feel small and cramped. This year you may notice that doorways are getting wider to provide more space or give the look of a grand entrance.

Bold Colours

When it comes to front doors, most homeowners will choose the classics: white, black or a natural-looking wood stain. This year, though, there is an increase in selecting front doors that have very bold colours giving the home more personality that capture attention.

Low Maintenance Doors

Doors made of material like fibreglass are increasingly popular, mainly because they don’t require much upkeep once installed. The bonus to these doors is that they can be finished in almost any style or colour a buyer wants, so they will almost always be able to find a door that matches the existing style of the home.

Smart Doors

More homeowners are adding smart features to their homes, so why not extend it to the front door? Items like smart locks, video in the doorbells and voice-controlled entry are really popular features being added to any style or material of door this year.

Wood Doors

For a while, natural wood doors were not a very popular selection. However, 2023 is seeing an increase in homeowners selecting wood doors with natural stains for their homes.

Natural stain on a wood door gives a timeless look to any home, adding character to the home with just one upgrade.

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