Depending on how well they’re maintained, a door can last many, many years. But eventually, there will come a time when it needs replacing. When that’s the case, here’s what to consider when choosing the right front door for your house.

Door Quality

A custom wood front door is one of the best ways to create a grand first impression. Offering an elegant, classic look, wood doors are long-lasting and can be relied upon for several generations. They are available in various wood species and can be used with almost any stain or paint colour. The best quality wood doors typically have intricate mouldings, thicker and wider stiles and rails, and thicker panels.

For environmentally-friendly homeowners, the fact that wood is a natural and renewable resource is appealing.

Cost of Front Door

Consider a painted or stained fibreglass front door for a lower cost option than a custom wood door. Not only are they a premium product, but they can offer a similar look to wood – without the price tag. Also, unlike steel doors – which can dent easily – fibreglass is highly sturdy.

A bonus? Fiberglass doors have little to no maintenance whereas a wood door requires more maintaining.

Entry Door Aesthetics

The style and material that your front door’s made of often depends on your personal preferences.

Doorway offers a variety of styles ranging from: Traditional, contemporary and classic. Each door system is made to suit the beauty of your home.

Adding a proper spar urethane coating on top of any stain can help provide the door with sun protection and preserve its natural beauty.

Door Maintenance

If you already find it difficult to keep up with the amount of maintenance your home requires, you’ll want to purchase a low-maintenance front door. Fibreglass doors have durable finishes that won’t warp, rust, or rot.

Unlike fibreglass, wood doors require protection. You’ll have to follow a maintenance schedule for your particular wood door to keep it in pristine condition. A wood door requires no sun exposure and the best location for wood doors is in a protected area, under an overhang or beneath the shade. Wood doors tend to expand and contract when exposed to the sun.  This can limit the number of front entries that are suitable for wood doors.

Energy Efficiency Doors

Each door material comes with its own variances in energy efficiency, so take the time to research the one you choose. Installing a proper weatherstripping system and flashing with your front door is crucial for reducing energy consumption, decreasing energy bills, and keeping the interior of your home comfortable.

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