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Front Door Ideas 

There are many different options when choosing a front or back door to ensure you pick one that has the right fit and feel for your home. Come visit our showroom and bring a picture of the opening along with brick measurements. We can walk you through the different options available and help you choose the door that you’re looking for. 

 Our showroom has various styles of doors on display to help you make your choice easy; however, you can customize it from the glass, door style, hardware, etc.

 Our website has various pictures of doors we have installed in the past under each product page to help you pick what you may or may not like. Check out the rest of our website or stop by our showroom to get a quote right over the counter!


We mainly sell fiberglass doors as they can give the feel and look of real wood; they are significantly less expensive, provide much better insulation and will be more durable over time. These doors are available in all colours and stains, so you are sure to find one that goes with the exterior colour of your home. They come in many different grains as well, such as oakgrain, firgrain, rusticgrain, or mahoganygrain depending on the style you chose.


Sidelites are panels of glass that go on either side of the door itself, and you have many options to choose from, such as clear, privacy or decorative glass. You can choose to just add glass inserts in your existing door(s) to update the look of your home as well. Sidelites are customizable from the glass to the fiberglass panel itself if you desire a framework around the glass.


There are many different styles and colours of hardware to choose from to make it easier to find one that will complement your new door; we have most styles displayed here in our showroom to give you an idea.

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 Contact us or stop by our showroom if you are considering a new front or back door for your home and want to explore these or other modern door styles. 


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