When you’re picking out new finishes for your home as you’re renovating, often the hardware is overlooked or forgotten. A big part of a new door is the handle and hinges you choose. You want to make sure that it matches the style you’re going for. When choosing door hardware for the interior doors of your Burlington home, here are five things to keep in mind.

Type of door

There are so many kinds of doors you can have installed in your home, and the type you decide on will likely depend on the space you’re finishing.

If it’s a closet, you may choose a bi-fold door or a barn door. Whereas bedroom doors will likely be slab doors or a similar alternative.

The type of door you’re choosing to install in your home will determine the kind of hardware and accessories you need to install it.

Door latch type

One of the considerations you will need to make is the type of latch you’re going to choose for your door. This is often overlooked, but there are three different types of standard door latches to choose from.

Typically, a latch will be a square corner latch, a rounded corner latch or a drive-in latch. The type of latch you already have, or may want to have, could impact the kind of doorknob you can choose to have with your door.

Is it a keyed door handle?

Most of the time, interior doors don’t have a need for a key or lock to them, although sometimes you may want the ability to lock a door and keep little ones out.

If you wish for there to be a lock on your new door, this may also limit your options about what type of doorknob you are able to install.

Finishes may not be the same

From company to company, they may name their finishes the same (IE brass, brushed nickel, etc.); however, the finishes with the same name may not look the same once they are installed.

It’s important that if you are choosing your handle from one company and the hinges from another, you should physically put them side by side before installing so that you are certain they will match once the door is installed and finished.

Barn doors

If you’re installing a barn door, you need to make sure you are installing the proper support so that the weight of the door is distributed evenly along the track.

You will also need to determine what kind of handle and latch (if any) you are going to install on the barn door to allow a person to close and lock the door if they want to.

Choosing the right hardware – like handles and hinges – for your Burlington home can be difficult and is often an afterthought, which can lead to parts that don’t match the rest of your home.

When you’re renovating, make sure you consider all parts of the new finishes – including the small touches – so that your home looks like it all goes together.

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