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What is the difference between painted & stained fibreglass doors?

If you look at most homes in Burlington, one of the first features that your eye is immediately drawn to is the front door. Choosing the right style and finish for your front door will make a big difference in boosting your home’s curb appeal and making it feel welcoming. If you are looking for a simple project to give your home’s exterior an update, do not underestimate the power of a new front door.

Fibreglass doors are an excellent option both for their durability and affordability – but after you’ve decided that fibreglass is the right material for you, you will then have a choice of finishes – paint or stain.

Opinions vary widely on whether stain or paint is the best option. Some homeowners love the look of wood doors – and stain can give them that. Others love the low maintenance and the colour options that are available when they use paint.

So which of these options is best for you? Here are a few tips:

When is paint the better option?

Paint gives fibreglass doors a solid, flat finish. In fact, many fibreglass doors are manufactured to have a smooth finish – so for these doors, paint makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, some builders believe that painting a fibreglass door – rather than staining it – makes it more durable.

Another consideration is how much exposure your front door will get to direct sunlight. If your door is situated where it will get a lot of strong sunlight, paint is the more durable option. And, while a painted door may show dings and scratches a bit more easily than a stained door, maintenance is usually lower as well – with it being possible to do a quick touch up in a matter of minutes.

Paint is also a good option if you want to make a bold statement or give your home’s exterior a punch of colour, such as a bright red or vibrant yellow.

When is stain the better option?

If you have a fibreglass door that is textured, you may find that it will look nicer if stain is used to finish it rather than paint, although either is acceptable. If you wish to give your fibreglass door the appearance of a wood door, then using stain will help you accomplish this.

Homeowners in Burlington who have a lot of wood details on the exterior of their home (such as shutters, trim, etc.) may want their door to match. A stained fibreglass door will give the appearance of wood, but you will enjoy fibreglass’s low maintenance.

Stained fibreglass doors can give the appearance of various types of woods, including cedar, walnut, cherry and oak.

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Whether you ultimately choose painted or stained fibreglass will depend on how much direct sunlight your door will get as well as your own personal style.  Either way, if you are considering getting new fibreglass exterior doors for your Burlington home, we can help. Contact Doorway Inc. today for more information.

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