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What Are Your Doors Made Of? Is It Time For An Upgrade?

The exterior doors of your home can give a wonderfully finished look, though, are much more than just looks. They provide a crucial barrier to keeping the outside elements out and ensuring the inside of your home is cozy and safe. Over the years, the materials made to construct exterior doors have changed, and if you have an older door, it may be time to replace it. Here’s what you need to consider about the exterior doors of your home and whether it’s time for an upgrade.

The Age Of The Door

If the door you’re thinking about replacing was built before 1950, then it’s likely made from wood. At the time, this was the best material to make exterior doors out of; however, time has shown that wood doors don’t always age well and aren’t that strong.

A strong kick to the door can leave it broken and needing to be replaced. So, if the doors in your home were built before 1950, then it’s likely time to start looking at replacing them.

Modern Materials

One of the most popular materials for doors currently is fiberglass. Along with being incredibly strong – so you know it’s harder to break down the door – fiberglass doors are known to keep the elements out and be resistant to warping over time. This means your home will be more energy efficient, and you won’t get those horrible drafts around the door that can make it feel so cold in your home.

Want A Specific Look?

If you like the look of a wood door, you have some options.

Fiberglass can be finished in many ways– so your door can look like wood yet not be made from wood at all. You’ll get the benefits of fiberglass – like strength and efficiency – with the finished look you want.

Here at Doorway Inc, we offer many different types of woodgrain textures such as oakgrain, mahoganygrain, firgrain, rusticgrain and smooth – of which we have on display here at our showroom.

Keep Your Family Safe

Fiberglass is much stronger and safer for your family as most fiberglass doors are fitted with thermo and tempered glass; breaking in is more difficult through tempered safety glass.

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