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4 Great Ways to Upgrade Your Front Door

If you’re interested in adding extra curb appeal to your Burlington home, look no further than the entrance to your home. Already a natural focal point for visitors and passersby, your front door offers a blank canvas of opportunity.

The Importance of Your Home’s Front Door

As a crucial design statement, your front door is responsible for so much more than acting as an entranceway to your home. It keeps your inhabitants and belongings safe and greets your guests on their way in and out of your home.

Your choice of front door also plays a factor in determining your home’s worth and is a recommended upgrade before selling your home.

In short, your front door is more than a decorative feature – it’s a worthwhile investment to make as a homeowner.

What to Consider When Upgrading Your Front Door

Before you select a new front door, you’ll have to consider the material and style. Our climate here in Ontario can be extreme, so choosing a durable material will save you many headaches. Style-wise, your front door should express your personality but still blend in architecturally with the rest of your home.

Below are four ways to upgrade your front door:

  1. Change the paint colour of your Front Door
    Never underestimate the power of paint! When replacing your new door system. Change up the colour of your system to a more up to date colour. There are a variety of options of colours to choose from, and we will discuss the right colour that best matches the style of your house.
  2. Change the setup of your door system
    Changing your double door system to a single door with two boxed sidelights upgrades the look of your home. Boxed sidelights allow for maximum light to come in, allowing for a brighter, more welcoming front entrance.
    A double door system is not recommended due to safety reasons as double doors are known as easy break and enter doors.
  3. Add or Change the Glass in Your Front Door
    There are several varieties of glass to choose that can be viewed and discussed in our showroom. Options such as; Decorative stained glass, wrought iron, or a more simple privacy glass such as frosted or etched glass. All our glass is thermo and tempered to allow for a more energy-efficient glass product.
  4. Change the style of your door
    There are many different styles of options available that takes a step away from the classic builder grade door. Make your new door system a whole new look. Browse our website to see new ideas or visit our showroom to see the most recent styles/looks available. Our variety rang from Modern/Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic to Rustic Modern. The easiest way to choose a door that complements the style of your house is by bringing in a picture of your existing door and a view of the style of your house.

For additional options for your front door, browse our website. If you need assistance selecting your front door give us a call at (905) 639-5122 and we will be happy to help!

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