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Tips for Keeping the Cold Out This Winter

As summer draws to a close, the cooler weather will soon be upon us. If you’re looking to conserve energy and lower your monthly heating bills, it’s time to properly prep your home’s doors for the season ahead. When done correctly, it can save you substantially on your energy bills! Here are three reasons to consider buying a new front door to help keep the cold out.

1. Air leaks

If you currently have drafts coming from your front doors and want to put a stop to that, purchasing a new front door is your best option. When your door is replaced by Doorway, we put in an entirely new door system. Your old drafty frame will be replaced with a new frame – which means you will have a tigher seal. Doorway finishes their door systems with quality compression weather strip to get the tight seal you need to keep the cold air out. We also provide each door with a six fin sweep. A six fin sweep will reduce any air from coming in at the bottom of your door. When Doorway installs the door system into your home the door system will be caulked so you will have no cold air coming in.

2. Rotted jambs leading to water leaks

If your current frame work is rotted out and you are worried if your door system will survive the harsh winters we get – purchase a new door system from Doorway. Doorway provides quality composite jambs. Composite jambs do not warp or rot and are durable in any weather conditions.

3. Feeling the cold by your sidelites/insert

If you want to prevent any coldness coming from your sidelites or glass inserts purchase a new door system throught Doorway. Doorway provides quality glass inserts and sidelite glass that come thermo and tempered. Thermal inserts are energy efficient inserts that will reduce the heat that is transferred from the inside of your home to the outside of your home. With thermo inserts you will feel less of that cold air coming through.

Ready to Replace Your Doors for Winter?

If it’s time to replace your exterior doors, we’re here to help. Since 1993, our team has been supplying and installing custom and stock doors and entryways in Burlington and the surrounding areas. Available in a wide range of styles and forms, our exterior doors offer more than energy efficiency – they offer home security and aesthetics, too.

For more information about replacing your current doors with more energy-efficient ones, contact our team today.

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