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The Benefits of Sidelights for Entry Doors

The front door on your Burlington home makes a statement as it is what is displayed to your community. You can choose to have a bright, bold colour or maybe you prefer a simple, white door. Either way – you can make it your own. One of the ways you can customize the look of your door is with sidelights. Here’s some information on why you should consider sidelights for your entry door.

First, what are sidelights?

You may have never heard this term for them, but sidelights are the narrow, vertical pieces of glass seen on one or both sides of the main door. In most cases, the sidelights will be made of the same materials as the door to create a seamless look.

Benefits of sidelights

Increase curb appeal

Homes with doors with sidelights can be very noticeable, so having this feature can greatly impact your home’s curb appeal. Sidelights can give a much more elegant look to the home overall.

More natural light

Depending on the window placement you have in your home, you may not have a lot of natural light. Sidelights can increase the amount of natural light you receive in your home, making it much brighter during the daytime.

A better view

If your main door doesn’t have windows in it, or the windows have frosted glass panes, you may find that you aren’t always sure exactly who is at your door. Having sidelights installed allows you to see outside and check who is at your door before you open it.

Customized for your needs

Sidelights are highly customizable and come in a variety of options. You are able to do full length sidelites, ¾ length glass sidelites or standard sidelites. You can get sidelites with privacy or clear glass, decorative bevelled glass or a Wrought Iron designed sidelite. We have all these options available on display so that you can get an idea for the style that would suit your home best.

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