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How To Make Sure Your Front Entry Door Is Secure

Keeping your family and the contents of your Burlington home safe from thieves and burglars is important. One of the biggest factors in keeping these intruders out of your home is by making sure your front entry door is secure and not easy to break into it. If you’re looking for tips on door security, here’s what you need to know.

The door lock

There are so many locks to choose from, and some may be better than others at protecting your home from unwanted guests. One of the highest quality locks that we sell is called a multipoint locking system. A multipoint locking system has three latches that turn into deadbolts when your door is locked. The multipoint allows for high security and also pulls the door nice and snug to the weatherstrip for a tight seal!

High quality components

There are additions you can put on your door to help make it stronger and more secure. One of the most common reinforcements is the deadbolt that was mentioned above as a possible lock option, and you can even get ones that only lock/unlock from the inside of the house.

Make sure you choose a high-quality door handle that won’t easily break off from the door. A low-quality reinforcement could easily be pulled out of the door, creating an opportunity for burglars to get into your Burlington home.

Doorway provides thermo and tempered glass. Tempered glass is nearly impossible to shatter and break in. The glass comes 1” overall and is made with two panes of tempered glass.

Consider a security plate

A security plate is a piece of metal that will reinforce the door jamb. The door jamb is the weakest point of your door, so by installing a security plate, you will automatically increase the security and safety of your door. We provide this feature with every door system that we build.

Replace your double doors

The set up of your front door unit could be a target for burglars. Double doors are known to be targeted for break and enter. It is highly recommended to replace your double door system with a single door with two/one sidelite(s). A single door is a lot more secure than a double door as the door itself locks into a solid jamb rather than locking into a moving astragal. A single door also is more air tight and will keep out air and water.

Consider installing a doorbell camera

Adding a doorbell camera gives you a preview of who is at your door. So, when someone knocks or rings the doorbell, you can determine who it is before opening the door. This can prevent someone unknown to you from pushing into your home once you unlock the door.

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