We have a showroom

We have many door options on display, which allows you to see our products first hand. Our sales representatives will guide you through the showroom and help you choose the options best suited to your existing entryway.

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We assemble our own door systems

Doorway’s niche in the market is the fact that we are a pre-hanger, meaning we assemble our own door systems. Rather than ordering an already-assembled, standard unit, we order in and stock all the components necessary to make a door system to meet your specific needs. We have our own on-site shop where we assemble everything ourselves, allowing us to provide you with more options, high quality and more flexibility at affordable prices.

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We assemble with top quality door components

Doorway Inc. pre-hangs units with top quality door components. We are devoted to helping you stay within your budget, but not at the expense of quality. Our sweeps, hinges, weather stripping etc. are the highest quality in the market. We care about our reputation because we understand that word-of-mouth advertising is always most effective.

We Install

Doorway both supplies and installs all doors. Our installers have been with us for years and we place absolute confidence in their workmanship. We understand that installation is one of the most important aspects in the replacement of your door.

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We Guarantee our Product

At Doorway Inc., we stand behind our product after installation. Any service calls or repairs will be completed in a timely fashion. We understand that you have paid for a quality product and therefore do our utmost to maintain its quality and our reputation.

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We are a Family Business

Doorway Inc. is a family business. Thus, our employees are dedicated to maintaining our reputation and are committed to quality control and customer service. We will make your door purchasing experience as pleasant as possible.

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