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What to Expect From Your New Door Installation

Having new doors installed in your Burlington home is an exciting prospect. With new doors, you can freshen up the appearance of your home – not to mention the added benefits you can get in terms of increased security and energy savings.

Still, the process of installing new doors has a lot to it, and it’s important to know what to expect. To ensure that the job is done properly and avoid possible damage to your new doors (and your home), you should hire an experienced contractor for your installation.

Here are a few things that you should expect from your door installation.


Before your actual door installation takes place, there is a lot to do. Once you’ve chosen your new door(s) either from the catalogue or at the showroom, someone should come to your home and get the exact measurements that they need for the installation.

They will need to inspect your home’s entryway to ensure that they will have everything they need for installation day. When they have completed the inspection and taken measurements, they will order the door system.

Once the door is completed and ready for installation you will be contacted and they will schedule a time with you to install your new door.


On the day of your door installation, you should expect the crew to be both courteous and punctual. If you can, clear out any items or furniture from the work area that could get in the way or be damaged.

In addition to inanimate objects, you also want to ensure that family members – including tiny humans and fur babies – are not going to be in the way where they could potentially disrupt the work or get hurt. If they must exit or enter the home while the work is being done, they should do so through another entrance.

It usually takes about five to seven hours to install a door, but it could take longer depending on the door you’ve chosen and other factors like weather.


One of the signs of a great company is well they communicate with you after the work is finished. If you have to make a claim on your new door warranty, it should be easy to get in touch with the company and have the issue resolved.

At DoorWay Inc., we take pride in the fact that we always look after our customers!

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Brick to brick height measurements

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