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What is The Purpose of a Transom Window?

There are many different types of windows in a home, and even if you appreciate the look or style, you may not know what the name is and its purpose. An example of such a window you may have in your home but don’t know the name or purpose of is a transom window

What are transom windows?

A transom, in architecture, is a beam or a bar that runs horizontally and separates the door from the window above it; this is why a window above a door is called a transom window. 

Transom windows can come in almost any design or shape; some are arched or round, while most are square. 

What is the purpose of a transom window?

The function of these windows, initially, was to provide more of a cross breeze and also to provide light into the home. For this reason, you’re most likely to find functioning transom windows in older homes and apartment buildings. Though more modern homes may use transom windows that do not open for decoration and to add more light

Since most homes today have central air conditioning and heating systems, there isn’t as much of a need to have cross-ventilation. 

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If you are considering upgrading your front door, you may be looking at different options for a decorative window above the door.

Some homes have stained glass transom windows, which add a very nice design to the house. 

If you have a regular window above the door, it can help add some natural daylight to your home – especially if the front of your home gets a lot of sunshine during the day. 

When selecting your new front door, the experts at Doorway Inc. can show you what it would look like to have an exterior transom window at the front of your home. You can get one to match the door you choose, and you can determine the type of finished look you want to go for. 

Take some time to review the potential options for a transom window, to help you decide if this is right for your Burlington or Oakville home. 

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