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The Excitement of Front Entry Door Makeovers: Before and After Transformations

The front entryway of your Burlington home plays a huge role in making your home appear more stylish and inviting. Changing up your front door, however, can be much more than just aesthetic. Depending on the age of your home – or, more specifically – the age of your front door, giving your home an entryway makeover can also improve your home’ value, energy efficiency and security.

You might have practical reasons for wanting to install a new front door on your Burlington home, or you may want to replace what has become an outdated entrance way for your home. Let Doorway help you design a beautiful custom fiberglass door system that will suit your personality and home.

Here are a few striking examples of how a front entryway makeover can transform your home.

Going from double doors to a single door

You may feel that if you already have double doors, you have no choice but to stick with that setup due to the size of your entryway. But with the addition of sidelights, not only can you go from double doors to a wider single fiberglass door, but you can also increase the amount of sunlight that comes into your front entrance. This offers your home better security.

Steel double doors updated to a tall rustic stained quality fiberglass front door
Steel double doors were updated to a tall rustic stained quality fiberglass front door with full glass private sidelights to increase light coming in the front entrance. Changing these double doors to a single door with double sidelights increased the security and value of their home.

Changing your front door’s design style

If you were not the first person to own your home, then certain elements may be more to the previous owner’s taste than your own. For example, perhaps your current front door is a tad on the rustic side when you would prefer something a little more modern or classic. Swapping out your current front door for a sleek woodgrain custom fiberglass door can add that touch of elegance to your home that you’ve been longing for.

double door upgraded to a tall fibreglass door system
A double door upgraded to a tall fibreglass door system in a classic style that updates the curb appeal of this home. This front door system gives a warm welcoming touch to their front entryway.

The natural look of wood fiberglass doors

Is your steel door starting to look and feel a little tired? Many Burlington residents love the appearance of natural wood but don’t love the expense and potential upkeep that natural wood requires. A good solution for this situation is a woodgrain fiberglass door that is made to look like wood. These doors can also be stained in different colours to give a warm natural inviting look.

steel door with a single sidelight upgraded to the popular craftsman style fire grain fibreglass front door system
A steel door with a single sidelight was upgraded to the popular craftsman style fire grain fiberglass front door system. The boxed full glass sidelights, warm finish and upgraded grip-set brings the front entry to a whole new level.

Tall custom fiberglass door systems

If you already have a transom in your front entryway, you could also consider removing it in favour of a taller and grander door. We designed a stunning arched fiberglass door system to upgrade this customer’s entranceway.

arched front door system was upgraded to a high quality custom front fibreglass door unit
This arched front door system was upgraded to a high quality custom front fiberglass door unit. The beautiful mahogany grain pops with the quality stain finish that we apply in our shop. This grand arched entrance door makes a huge impact on the front of this home adding a touch of elegance. It extends a warm welcome to their friends.

Contact Doorway Inc. today

There are many other ways that your Burlington home’s front entryway can be transformed with a makeover. The team at Doorway Inc. has the expertise and vision to take your vision and make it become a reality. Being a manufacturer of prehung door units, we are able to offer the best door with competitive pricing.

If you would like to discuss ideas for an entryway makeover, give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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