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Popular Paint Colours for Front Doors

Are you looking to improve the curb appeal of your Burlington home? One of the best and easiest ways to do this is simply to paint your front door!

A beautiful front door can really make a statement, but with so many colours to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which colour is right for you and your home.

To help you in this decision, here are some popular options to choose from:

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a popular choice for Burlington homeowners because of its rich and classic look. Just picture how great your home could look with a rich blue navy on the front door along with a contrasting seasonal wreath – just gorgeous!

Teal or Blue/Green

Teals can lean more heavily toward green or toward blue, but this colour can give your home more of a farmhouse – or even a beach house – look. It is often a softer or more muted colour which can appear quite modern and inviting at the same time.


Solid dark green is one of those colours that seems to match well with many homes. If you are looking for a fairly popular colour, but you’re still not going to see one every other home you pass, then a nice forest green could be the way to go.


Ok, we know that black isn’t technically a colour, but we would be remiss to leave it off the list because it can look so elegant on a front door. Black can look particularly stunning when paired with white trim.

Be aware, though, that black may not be the best choice for your home if it has ledge stone or river rock detail, and it is a colour that might look a little too intimidating on some homes.

Grey & Charcoal

Grey and charcoal offer the elegance of black without being so imposing. If you like the look of black front doors but aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, a nice grey or charcoal paint might be right for you.

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