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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Builder-Grade Double Door System

Maybe you were so happy to get the home you wanted that you overlooked the front door system during the purchasing process. Or maybe you knew from the start that you eventually would want to swap them out. Whatever’s the reason for wanting to upgrade your current door system, you’re now ready to make it happen.

A single door system with sidelites is a great option when choosing a new entryway door. Below, we’ve outlined four benefits of upgrading your builder’s grade double door system to a single door system with two sidelites.

single door with 2 sidelites1. More Security

A single door system locks into a solid jamb that cannot move, making it extra secure. Double doors usually only overlap moulding where the doors come together and don’t lock into a secure, solid frame. Since they can’t withstand violent impact, double doors are easier for burglars to break into.

But not even a single door system will be secure if it’s not installed correctly. To receive maximum security from your new door system, be sure to hire a professional door installer. When you are purchasing a door system, make sure to take a look for quality  framework as that is the most important part of your door system. 

2. Better Air Flow

A single door system is more air-tight because it locks into a sealed jamb. There can be airflow or water leaking in double doors because of an incomplete seal.

When there’s not a solid seal, you may feel a slight breeze when in front of the door. Any heat or air conditioning inside the home is escaping through this area, leading to energy loss.

A single door system offers more energy efficiency, plus increased comfort for you and your family.

single door system with 2 sidelites3. Longer Lifespan

Most builder-grade doors are made of steel, known to dent. Steel doors can also chip and sustain other damage easily, leading to a shorter lifespan than a quality single door system.

Consider getting smooth skin or woodgrain fibreglass doors when upgrading your builder-grade doors. Besides being more durable, they hold paint and stain better since the finish soaks into the door fibres.

4. Ability to Customize

Unlike builder-grade doors that typically come from big box stores, you can customize a new door to fit your preferences.

From design to colour, you’ll have a say in designing your single door system when you work with a quality door supplier. You can even choose from various sidelite options, including a full view, three-quarter view, and half view. The glass itself can be designed with clean lines or a more intricate design – whatever you want!

Because of the countless options available, finding a single-door system that will suit your home and your taste is easy.

Upgrade Your Doors with Doorway Inc.

Are you ready to swap out your builder’s grade double door system to a single door system with two sidelites? Talk to us today to learn more about the many options available.

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