Any Burlington homeowner who has done home renovations knows that the costs can start to add up quickly. One update many homeowners will consider is changing the front door to their home as it can quickly freshen up the look of the home, and it’s a quick project to complete. The cost, though, can be so expensive, and there are a few reasons why.

The Door Itself – Quality Materials

When shopping at your local home improvement store, you may notice there aren’t many options for choosing a front door.

If you don’t have a standard-sized doorway, you will probably have to special order your front door, which can quickly become expensive. Further, many big box stores will only sell the cheapest option for doors (some without foam insulation to act as a sound barrier), and you may not get the design or style you want.

Going the custom route will likely cost more money than just buying it off the shelf at a home improvement store, but you will get a door that fits the frame exactly and suits your home as you want it to.

Door Installation

Depending on when they were built, some homes may not have pre-hung door thresholds, which means that a standard door off the shelf will not fit into the doorframe, so you will either have to cut the door frame or the door itself.

For Burlington homes with non-standard door frame sizes, they will need to order a custom size door so it fits without altering the existing entryway of the home. This can also add costs to the purchase price.

You will also likely be on your own for installation if you are not purchasing from a specialty door store. When ordering from a custom door manufacturer, you know the door will fit as it should, and most of these companies, including DoorWay Inc., will offer installation when purchasing. This means you know the door will be installed properly because you have professionals doing it for you.

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The Type of Door Company You Are Purchasing From

There is nothing wrong with purchasing an entry door from a home improvement store if you know it will fit and you know what you’re doing for installation.

However, if you have specific questions or requirements or need installation, then general big box stores may not have enough experience to give you the needed service. If you go to a specialty store, you will be dealing with employees trained specifically in doors and with more experience.

Smaller stores specializing in entryway doors may not be able to match the volume that big box stores do, so they also won’t be the cheapest option for purchase. They are not looking for volume; they are looking to help their customers get exactly what they want without settling for something that isn’t the best for their Burlington home.

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