All front residential doors open in and some of the benefits of a door that is installed to open inward include:

  • The home (or building) is in a city prone to a lot of snow over the winter. Snow can build up around the door of a home, especially blowing snow, so when a door opens inward, it can make it easier and prevent damaging the door.
  • Storm doors can easily be added. If a door opens inward, you can easily add a storm (screen) door to allow air circulation and a breeze into the home. When a door opens outward, it’s impossible to add a storm door.
  • Easy to close. If a door opens outward, then you may need to step outside to close the door when you’ve opened it to get the mail or a delivery.
  • The door doesn’t open right into a visitor when they come to see you. When your friends and family come to see you, an inswing door will not open right into their faces, and they don’t have to take a step back when you answer the door, so this is a nice feature to have to make your guests more comfortable.
  • Hinges are not exposed. This is especially important for regions that get a lot of moisture and inclement weather, as the changes in temperature and dampness can cause the hinges to wear down prematurely.

Outswing doors

  • Opening a residential door as an outswing exposes the hinge making it easier for the door to be tampered with.
  • Open out doors tend to leak during storms.

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