About Us

It was the spring of 1993, during the recession, that Doorway opened its front door for business. Hard work and determination soon paid off. The small showroom and shop began to get even smaller as the business grew in the following 11 years. It was not long before we were bursting at the seams. So, in the spring of 2004, the long-awaited move was made to a larger facility.

Doorway is committed to providing each customer with a door system to match their taste and budget. We believe that a good customer relationship is essential to building a successful business.

As each year goes by, we focus on maintaining the standards and values that have built our business into what it is today.


Rick Beeke, President

Brant Street is where it all began. A downtown location that surprised the neighbouring businesses, but soon became part of what makes downtown Burlington great. Food, clothing, furniture, insurance and a new front door could all be purchased on the same block!
The new location on Harvester Rd. provided Doorway with the room it desperately needed in order to serve its customers more efficiently.
The Harvester Rd. facility has sought to maintain the personal feel the Brant Street location had with its continued commitment to friendly customer service.